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Top Overseas Markets for International Travelers to U.S. 2015p

Rank Market of Origin




% change


% change

4 Germany 2,272 10% 25%

*   International travelers include all countries generating visitors to the U.S.
**  Overseas includes all countries except Canada and Mexico.
U.S. Department of Commerce| International Trade Administration

U.S. Department of Commerce| International Trade Administration

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, in 2014 international visitors spent $220.8 billion experiencing the United States. These travel and tourism exports accounted for 31 percent of all U.S. services exports and 9 percent of all U.S. exports, goods and services alike.

Each March, AIANTA sponsors an expansive American Indian Pavilion at ITB Berlin, the world’s leading travel and trade show. This provides Tribal tourism departments the opportunity to showcase their programs and tour packages to the European tourism industry. AIANTA booth participants have made invaluable contacts with international travel organizations, media and tour operators. They were featured in the ITB Indigenous Day Program, attracting large crowds of participants and hundreds of international travel media representatives.

More than 175,000 trade professionals and consumers participated in ITB 2015. Europeans are traveling to the U.S. at an increasing rate because of the attractive currency exchange rate. Now is the time to capture your tribe’s or business’ share of this vast market by joining AIANTA at ITB 2018!

To join AIANTA at ITB Berlin 2018 or for more information, contact Rachel Cromer at 505-724-3578 or 

ITB Pavillion

ITB Berlin is the leading B2B-platform in the tourism industry with more than 174,000 visitors to the show in 2016 and representation from 187 countries.  It has proven to be a significant venue to showcase Indian Country tourism and to establish and sustain Indian Country's presence in the international tourism market.

At last year’s ITB, participants within the AIANTA ITB pavilion interacted with more than 100 travel and tourism representatives from more than 26 countries around the globe.

Visitors who stopped by the AIANTA pavilion included foreign travel representatives, international tour operators receptive tour operators, U.S. tourism organizations; and others including bloggers, travel magazines, media, journalists, and more.