AIANTA is the only American Indian participant included in the President's National Travel and Tourism Strategy, introduced in 2012 with a goal of 100 million international visitors a year by 2021. 


"We've worked with AIANTA for 8 years, and are thrilled with the support and achievements carried out so far.  STS is dedicated to promoting and developing tourism in the Southeast United States, and cultural and tribal inclusion is crucial to the all-around success of our represented states' tourism.  We are happy to work with their great team of professionals to raise awareness, build partnerships, and bring tourism issues to the forefront through our work together during the annual Congressional Summit on Travel and Tourism in Washington, DC."

- Bill Hardman, President, Southeast Tourism Society

"The National Park Service has worked with AIANTA at both a national and local level since 2012, and our partnership has helped bridge gaps and build relationships at public lands across the country to begin ensuring cultural and tribal inclusion in our nation's parks.  We look forward  to developing our partnership even further and can't wait to see what the future of native inclusion at the parks holds in the years to come!"

- Donald Leadbetter, National Tourism Program Manager, National Park Service



Partners and Stakeholders

  • U.S. Department of Interior (MOU with the following agencies:)
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs
      • Tribal Technical Assistance Programs
    • National Park Service
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • US Bureau of Reclamation
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Office of Travel and Tourism Industries
  • U.S. Small Business Administration
  • U.S. Travel Association
  • National Tour Association (MOU)
  • National Geographic Society Sustainable Destinations (MOU)
  • National Congress of American Indians (MOU)
  • National Center for Indian Enterprise Development
  • Native America Rights Fund (MOU)
  • National Tribal Geospatial Information Support Center (MOU)
  • National Indian Gaming Association (MOU)
  • National Scenic Byways
  • American Recreation Coalition
  • American Association of Parks and Recreation
  • American Indian Law Center
  • George Washington University International Institute of Tourism Studies (LOI)
  • International Tourism Marketing
  • University of Wisconsin at Stout
  • Western States Tourism Policy Council (MOU)
  • Southeast Tourism Society (MOU)
  • Native American Tourism of Wisconsin
  • Midwest Alliance of Sovereign Tribes (MOU)
  • Kilpatrick Stockton and Townsend (LOI)
  • Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC (LOI)
  • Hobbs Straus Dean & Walker, LLP (LOI)