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Importance of Cultural Heritage Tourism
Learn about the economic importance of cultural heritage tourism, globally and in the United States. View statistics, examples and economic benefits of cultural heritage tourism.

AIANTA Reports & Publications

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Report: AIANTA Town Hall Session April 2021
Read a summary of AIANTA’s first Town Hall Session, where AIANTA Board President Emerson Vallo and CEO Sherry L. Rupert shared the results of AIANTA’s State of Tourism Industry Survey for 2021, and introduced two possible concepts for redistribution of AIANTA’s designated national tourism regions.


About the NATIVE Act
The Native American Tourism and Improving Visitor Experience (NATIVE) Act serves to establish a more inclusive national travel and tourism strategy and has the potential to deliver significant benefits for tribes, including jobs creation, elevated living standards and expanded economic opportunities.


AITC 2020 Regional Meeting Summary
During the 22nd Annual American Indian Tourism Conference, AIANTA hosted regional breakout sessions for our six regions. The focus of this year’s gatherings included the impact of COVID-19 on cultural tourism and the priorities as we emerge from the pandemic. The regional breakout sessions were hosted virtually
by members of AIANTA’s Board of Directors and supported by staff.

Case Studies in Tribal Agritourism
Case Studies in Tribal Agritourism, a groundbreaking new handbook by AIANTA, is developed for ranchers, farmers and other Native food producers interested in sharing culture, heritage and traditional food systems by expanding or developing agritourism enterprises.

State of Indian Country/Cultural Heritage Tourism – Impact of COVID-19
COVID-19 Travel Restrictions and Shelter in Place Orders are having a significant impact for Indian Country/Cultural Heritage Tourism, according to a recent survey conducted by AIANTA.

2019 in Review: A Snapshot of AIANTA’s Year
2019 was an incredibly productive year for the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association as well as a successful year for tourism throughout Indian Country in the United States.

State of Indian Country Tourism Survey
Indian Country is upbeat on tourism for 2019: Nearly 75 percent of respondents indicated they expect tourism revenues to improve greatly or somewhat
for the coming year.

2019 AITC Information Gathering Session
During the 21st Annual American Indian Tourism Conference (AITC) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, AIANTA hosted it’s first ever-Information Gathering Session.

American Indians and Route 66
Route 66 was an officially commissioned highway from 1926 to 1985. During its lifetime, the road guided travelers through the lands of more than 25 tribal nations. This report takes you through Route 66 and modern day Native America.

AIANTA Storybook
As the only organization dedicated to advancing Indian Country tourism across the United States, AIANTA believes in the power of tribal storytelling. We work every day to support tribes as they tell the stories of their past, present and future and create authentic tribal experiences and unique travel destinations.

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Ten Native American Tourism Experiences
Looking to explore Native American culture? These distinctive cultural experiences are often located alongside stunning landscapes on or adjacent to tribal lands across the U.S..

Native American Tours 
Experiencing U.S. Indian Country in the company of a Native guide or tour operator provides an in-depth look at some of America’s most storied lands from a fresh perspective.

Pre Columbian Sites
When Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492, he was lured by the promise of gold, spices and other riches available in “Asia.” Instead he “discovered” a new world. For many, this expedition also marks the beginning of history in the United States. The first indigenous people to inhabit this land, however, have been here since time immemorial. History buffs interested in exploring ancient cultures and indigenous historic sites in the U.S. can find inspiration below. #DiscoverNativeAmerica

For nearly two decades, AIANTA has served as the national voice for American Indian nations engaged in cultural tourism. In addition to serving as the voice for Indian Country tourism, AIANTA provides technical assistance and training to Tribal nations and Native-owned enterprises engaged in tourism, hospitality and recreation.

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MOU w/ Department of the Interior / Department of Commerce
At the 2018 American Indian Tourism Conference, AIANTA Executive Director Camille Ferguson joined Tara Sweeney, Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs and Mike Platt, Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, U.S. Department of Commerce in signing an historic Memorandum of Understanding designating AIANTA as the national nonprofit association charged with working with federal agencies to carry out provisions of the NATIVE Act.



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Education & Training

Technical assistance and training is the heartbeat of our work at AIANTA. We provide general and tailored technical assistance, training and education in a variety of ways.

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International Outreach

AIANTA plays a critical role in supporting the National Travel and Tourism Strategy to bring more visitors to the United States, especially in our participation at trade shows internationally and domestically, to promote tourism in Indian Country.

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Through AIANTA membership, tribes, the tourism industry and other partners form a dynamic network of shared experiences, resources and support.

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