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Image courtesy of Oneida Nation of Wisconsin

Oneida Big Apple Fest: Developing An Agricultural Festival

Tribal Agritourism Webinar Series

Webinar: Oneida Big Apple Fest: Developing An Agricultural Festival
December 8, 2020

On the third Saturday every September, the Oneida Apple Fest invites the general public to celebrate the apple harvest in an historical-themed event. The Oneida Nation created an experience that educates the public that the Oneida People came from the New York territory (“The Big Apple”) and that Oneida apple orchards were burned down after the Revolutionary War in retribution for the Tribe standing with the Colonists. Today this event draws thousands to enjoy a weekend of apple picking, horseback riding, cooking contests, entertainment, a petting zoo and tours of the Longhouse and Log Cabin. Learn the history of the festival with tips to create your own.


Michelle M. Danforth-Anderson, Marketing and Tourism Director, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin 

Michelle is responsible for developing and executing creative concepts in the areas of tourism and marketing for a variety of enterprises within the Oneida Nation. She manages the marketing and tourism team to create, implement and deliver on strategies set on an annual basis, including developing a new international strategy to attract visitors. Her team is currently developing projects that include a Native Village, amphitheater, Veterans memorial, enhancements to the Buffalo Overlook observation deck, branded signage and a new media center called Big Bear Media. Most recently, Michelle has been integral in the development of a comprehensive Oneida timeline which currently includes more than 800+ historical documents at the user’s fingertips. Michelle currently sits on the State of Wisconsin International Marketing Committee. She is also an award-winning independent producer, who began her filmmaking journey in 2001 for Wisconsin Public Television as a Production Assistant.