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Become a part of AIANTA’s vibrant community and contribute to the momentum driving cultural tourism in Native Nations and communities. By joining AIANTA, you’ll connect with hospitality professionals, collaborate with industry leaders, showcase your attractions, amplify your influence, and stay abreast of the latest developments.

Through AIANTA membership, tribes, tourism industry stakeholders, and governmental and academic partners converge to create a robust resource network. Here, experiences are shared, and mutual support is extended to foster growth and sustainability in Indigenous tourism.

AIANTA members are empowered with knowledge and actively contribute to the advancement of sustainable and authentic Indigenous tourism practices. With your support, we ensure that the voices of our communities are heard by national decision-makers, paving the way for thriving and expanding Indigenous tourism opportunities. Join AIANTA today and be a catalyst for positive change in Native Nations and communities. Learn more about AIANTA member benefits.

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We are asking that our AIANTA members send us high-resolution pictures and videos that we can utilize to promote your experience or destination!

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AIANTA board members represent members from the 15 AIANTA regions. Check our AIANTA Board of Directors page to see who represents your region.

About the Artists

AIANTA’s Southern Straight Dancer Thumb Drive was designed by NSRGNTS, led by Native couple Votan Ik (Mayan/Nahua) and Leah “Povi” Lewis (Pueblo/Dine’). Although they both come from artistic backgrounds, together they’ve developed some of the most iconic images addressing an array of topics across Indian Country.

Among their most recognized images is their collaborations on “Native Kawaii” art. These works lend a voice to native youth and children who often have very little or no representation in popular culture. These characters represent many different indigenous nations and positively portray indigenous people as a whole.

Follow them at:
Instagram: NSRGNTS
Facebook: NSRGNTS
Twitter: @nsrgnts


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For more information about AIANTA membership, please email or call 505-724-3592.

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