AIANTA Code of Ethics

AIANTA members are recognized as leaders in the tribal travel, tourism, hospitality and recreation industries.

AIANTA’s Code of Conduct clarifies the organization’s mission, values and principles, linking them with standards of professional conduct.

The code articulates the values the organization wishes to foster in leaders and employees. AIANTA’s code has value as both an internal guideline and an external statement of corporate values and commitments.

AIANTA members reflect the best of Indian Country tourism. As such, AIANTA will ask members to sign a Code of Ethics Pledge.

AIANTA is pleased to invite you to join us as we define, introduce, grow and sustain American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian tourism that honors traditions and values.

Code of Ethics Pledge

As an AIANTA member, I pledge to adhere to the AIANTA Code of Ethics to honestly represent American Indian tourism:

  • Tourism policies and activities should be conducted with respect for the artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage;
  • Tourism activity should be planned in such a way as to allow traditional cultural products, crafts and folklore to survive and flourish;
  • Tourism development should safeguard the natural environment with a view to achieving sound, continuous and sustainable economic growth;
  • To honestly represent the destination, services and products;
  • Fulfill contracts signed and agreements reached;
  • To abide by all federal, state, local and tribal laws pertaining to commerce and natural resources;
  • To abide by ethical business conduct regarding advertising, appraising, pricing and guarantees offered by me;
  • To respect and support ethical business activities of all AIANTA members and exhibitors;
  • To encourage consumer confidence in the authenticity of all destinations identified with the AIANTA logo.

Ethics Violations

Ethics violations will be reviewed and addressed by AIANTA’s Ethics Committee.

Notification of ethics violations must be made in writing.

A copy of the complaint will be given to the member who will have 10 days to respond.

The Ethics Committee will then investigate and make a determination. Disciplinary actions may be taken if warranted. Actions may include:

  • Requesting the problem be reconciled by a refund, payment or providing the product or service,
  • Providing a warning and the opportunity to correct the condition,
  • Suspending the member until the problem is corrected, or
  • Termination of membership. If terminated, the member can reapply after one year if the problem has been addressed.

Please download a complete Code of Ethics Pledge and when completed and signed, return to Gail Chehak, Membership & Outreach Coordinator at


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