Seeking Participants for Steering Group to Guide on Responsible Visitation

AIANTA and Leave No Trace are seeking Native participants to join a new new inter-tribal steering committee that will guide a national messaging campaign that will guide visitor awareness of tribal lands and Indigenous communities

A new national steering group made up of Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian community members aims to approach visitation and recreation impacts being experienced by Indigenous communities.

The steering committee will develop education campaigns and resources that serve as a first step in reducing avoidable visitor impacts to land, water and cultural heritage resources.

“Public lands, which are the ancestral homelands of America’s indigenous nations, are increasingly experiencing the negative impacts of visitation and recreation. These  impacts have significantly affected our communities and spaces where visitors travel,” said Sherry Rupert, President and CEO of the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA), during her keynote at last month’s 23rd Annual American Indian Tourism Conference.

“People don’t always understand the difference between Tribal Lands and Public Lands. People don’t understand what we mean by respect for our lands and how we steward our lands and why that is so important. Leave No Trace’s seven guiding principles align very closely with our values as Native People.”

The first steering committee meeting takes place January 12, at noon (MDT). 

In advance of the meeting (or if you might be unable to attend), please also take a moment to complete the Leave No Trace to become involved.