Request for Proposals for Website Redesign

AIANTA is looking to refresh its destination website

AIANTA is looking to refresh its destination website The goals for the redesign will meet the following goals:

  • Goal 1: Update the site to create greater awareness of Native tourism and hospitality experiences throughout the U.S.
  • Goal 2: Significantly upgrade the site user experience by more prominently highlighting site content with extended menu options, sidebar and footer options and links to “more information” internally.
  • Goal 3: Significantly upgrade site and page architecture to increase page speed and to meet Google and industry standards.
  • Goal 4: Develop strategies on monetizing the site through advertising or other revenue models including how the strategies might be implemented.


The American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) is accepting proposals for UX/UI services for the website features inspiring historical, cultural and outdoor narratives with high-impact photographs.  AIANTA would like to continue offering this website with a similar goal, but with an improved focus on user engagement, SEO and overall usability.  Site content and assets are managed via a backend CMS portal.  This current proposal does not include this section.  Front end, or user facing pages are encompassed in this RFP.

Project Outline

The key pieces of the current site are as follows.


Focus Group and User Feedback

The winning proposal will have a plan for reviewing and identifying the current user flow and a plan for collecting user feedback via surveys or focus groups to help in decision making for improvements of the Website.

Here are some elements to consider in the redesign:

  • Improve user flow for travelers looking for places to visit, as well as users who want to list their attractions and destinations.
  • Review mega menu and propose new segments and sub-landing pages, perhaps adding an About Us, How to Get Involved and Donation Page.
  • Explore major themes of interest to travelers and develop pathways.
  • Design a more robust home page that encourages exploration of the site.
  • Consider adding location or theme tags to regions or listings, so visitors unfamiliar with Indian Country can find listings of interest to them.
  • Feature new listings in a way to encourage other businesses to add their listings.
  • Upgrade itineraries pages.
  • Incorporate AIANTA programs like the Lewis and Clark, Anza and Route 66 Trails into itineraries.
  • Create a calendar of events that are tied to the listings.
  • Develop an outreach plan to receive and manage that content.
  • Upgrade backend experience for users to make listings easier to enter and update.
  • Upgrade backend reports for administrators.
  • Develop a Style Guide and standardize page designs, fonts and image sizes and limit “style” options so users can’t arbitrarily change font sizes, types or images.



AIANTA is the only organization specifically dedicated to advancing American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian tourism across the United States. AIANTA’s mission is to define, introduce, grow and sustain American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian tourism that honors traditions and values. For over 20 years, AIANTA has been identifying and providing tailored, responsive trainings and resources for tribes and Native Hawaiians to develop, grow and enhance their cultural tourism programming and product.


Submission Deadline

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, at 5:00 pm Mountain Time.



Submission deadline: Wednesday, March 15, 2023, at 5:00 pm Mountain Time

Projected award date: Friday, March 31, 2023

Redesign timeline:  2-3 months

Implement redesign with webmaster: 2 months

Launch of redesign: 4-5 months


Reporting Requirements/ Final Report:

Proposals for the reworked UX should be provided via format such as Figma, InDesign, Photoshop or similar tool.  This RFP is for UX improvements and design changes. Detailed wireframes are sufficient. The current site can be used as a reference or basis for the type of content and images that will be used in the site and provided by the end user but is not intended to be used as a model for the new UX.  Some parts/components may be reused if they fit into the overall visions of the new UX.  This does not mean that is required.  Complete freedom is given to recreate the site for the new UX.  The proposal can and should include suggestions on pieces of the site that are confusing and/or functionality that should be edited or even removed.


Proposal Content

  1. Name of Applicant
  2. Website (if applicable)
  3. Email Address
  4. Physical Address
  5. Mailing Address
  6. Phone Number
  7. Links to websites developed
  8. Type of applicant: Native-owned business, Tribally-led 501(c)(3), Non-Native business
More Information

The RFP will be posted on our website, Respondents to this RFP are asked to submit their proposal via email to Responses must be received no later than Wednesday, March 15, 2023, at 5:00 pm Mountain Time. Responses should be clearly marked with the submitting party’s name in the re: line and emailed to the contact person as listed above.


For more information about our mission and programs, please visit our websites at and

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