State of Indian Country Tourism

The State of Indian Country Tourism Survey is conducted every year by querying more than 3,000 tribal tourism and Native-owned enterprises from AIANTA’s proprietary database. 

2021 State of Indian Country Tourism

Indian Country anticipates increase in tourism for 2021

  • Nearly 70% of respondents indicated they expect tourism revenues to improve somewhat or greatly for the coming year.
  • Although more than three quarters (77%) of respondents indicated tourism weakened greatly over the past year, most respondents also expect a tourism increase in the coming year.
  • Nearly half (48%) indicated that revenue will increase by at least 5% with an additional 20% indicating tourism revenues will grow by more than 5%.
  • 65% believe they will not increase tourism employment in the coming year.
  • Respondents, however, are optimistic that tourism revenues will increase in 2021 with nearly half (48%) indicating that revenue will increase by at least 5% and an additional 20% indicating tourism revenues will grow by more than 5%.

2020 State of Indian Country Tourism

COVID-19 travel restrictions and shelter-in-place orders are having a significant impact on Indian Country/cultural heritage tourism.

  • Indian Country enterprises are very concerned about how COVID-19 will affect them.
  • In the early stages of the unfolding health and economic crisis, tribes and tribal businesses are seeing significant cancellations for domestic and international bookings, reduced revenue and job lay-offs.

2019 State of Indian Country Tourism

Indian Country is upbeat on tourism for 2019.

  • Tribal tourism enterprises are remarkably upbeat about tourism prospects, with nearly 75% indicating they believe tourism will increase greatly (28%) or somewhat (47%) in the coming year.

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