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State of Indian Country Tourism

A new report, AIANTA’s “State of Indian Country Tourism” monitors Native American tourism enterprises around the country and measures sentiment for the coming year.

Indian Summer Festival WisconsinSurvey results will be published twice a year and will include a breakdown of Native American tourism expectations for the coming twelve months. Further, future editions will incorporate back-to-back measurements on how sentiment has changed in the previous six months.

The report will be delivered, free of charge, to AIANTA members, federal, state and regional partners and other stakeholders.

All tribes and Native American-owned (at least 51 percent) tourism enterprises are invited to take the survey.


Want to Participate?

The survey is made up of 15 very-easy-to-answer multiple-choice questions and shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete.

Results are 100 percent confidential, although respondents providing their email will receive the report before it is released to other stakeholders.


Please take five minutes now to provide your input. The survey can be found by clicking the below link:

Thank you for your support.
Photo courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park / Indian Summer Festival (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

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