Call for Board Members

With the explosive growth in popularity of cultural tourism, Native American tribes are poised to reap the benefits of travelers looking for authentic experiences. AIANTA Regions Map

As AIANTA takes the lead in helping tribes develop tourism programs that reflect their own values and traditions, the organization is also looking for strong leadership to be a part of building partnerships and programs and advocating for Indian Country tourism at local, regional and national levels.

Meet our current Board of Directors here.

AIANTA is currently accepting applications for representatives from our Pacific (California, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Washington), Plains (Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming) and Southwest (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah) regions.

We are also seeking an At-Large representative and a replacement for our vacant Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin) position, who will complete the remainder of the 2018-2021 term.

AIANTA’s Board of Directors elections will be held at the 21st Annual American Indian Tourism Association.

Applications and Nominations

Applications may be made for any open directorship by members in good standing residing in the respective region, accompanied by an AIANTA Board Application.


Applications Are Due August 2, 2019

All candidates for the AIANTA Board of Directors must be a member in good standing prior to elections.

Nominations will be reported to the AIANTA Nominating Committee, chaired by Emerson Vallo, which will select one candidate per open seat, and make their recommendations to the AIANTA Board of Directors by August 17, 2019.

A full Board Slate will be made available to all members prior to the American Indian Tourism Conference.


Applications With a Nomination by Petition Are Due September 2, 2019

Should a prospective nominee or applicant not be selected for the Board Slate but still wish to be considered during the voting process, they may submit a Nomination Nomination by Petition form by September 2, 2019.

For regional representatives, the petition form must be signed by not less than 10 percent of members in good standing located in the respective region. For the at-large position, the petition must be signed by not less than 15 members in good standing. A membership list can be provided upon written request to AIANTA.

Valid petitioners will be added to the voting slate, which will be distributed to all members prior to the American Indian Tourism Conference.



Regional directors will be voted on by members in good standing at the regional meetings during AITC. All members will also vote for the at-large member.



All applications submitted by August 2, 2019, should be sent to the AIANTA office at

Applications submitted after August 2, must be accompanied by a completed petition form and must be submitted by September 2, 2019, to AIANTA Board Secretary James Surveyor at and the AIANTA office at

For more information, please call the AIANTA office at (505) 724-3592.