Contact:  Bill Thomas, Chairman
Rt. 66 Road Ahead Partnership

American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association and Rt. 66 Road Ahead Partnership Join Forces

The American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association [AIANTA] and the Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership share common interests in promoting public education, awareness and heritage tourism in the Route 66 Corridor that passes through, and is adjacent to, Tribal areas in the eight states through which Route 66 runs. The organizations formalized their mutual interests recently by signing a Memorandum of Understanding designed to:

  • Acknowledge that Route 66 potentially affects approximately 44 Tribal nations
  • Support authentic, first-voice interpretation and representation of Tribal people in information and programming produced for the public
  • Enhance visitor experiences on Route 66 through the development of Route 66-based travel itineraries
  • Collectively advance the domestic and international traveling public’s awareness of Route 66 as applicable to Tribal interests and encourage the use of these travel and tourism opportunities in environmentally and culturally sensitive ways that produce long-term economic, educational, and recreational benefits, especially as they benefit affected Tribal nations
  • Support collaboration between AIANTA, the Road Ahead, affected tribes, local/state/federal agencies, and/or other entities with interests in Route 66

The first specific project of the new AIANTA – Road Ahead relationship will focus on a “Route 66 Tribal Itinerary” designed to highlight Tribal attractions and sights on and near Route 66.

“This is an exciting project that will bring new opportunities and impact to the tribes along Route 66 ,” said Camille Ferguson, AIANTA Executive Director.


About the Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership

Established in 2015 with the support of the National Park Service and the World Monuments Fund, The Route Road Ahead Partnership’s mission is to revitalize and sustain Route 66 as a national and international icon through partnerships focused on promotion, preservation, research and education, and economic development.


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