AIANTA/ASU Sustainable Tourism Partnership: Information Session on Sustainable Tourism for Native Nations and Communities, Certificate Program

Webinar: AIANTA/ASU Sustainable Tourism Partnership

January 23, 2024; 10:00 A.M. (MT)

In partnership with Arizona State University (ASU) Center for Sustainable Tourism housed in the School of Community Resources and Development, AIANTA is offering the online Certificate in Sustainable Tourism for Native Nations and Communities. The purpose of the online Sustainable Tourism for Native Nations and Communities Certificate (STC) is to provide participants with an overview of sustainable tourism and how it can be incorporated into their community’s tourism planning and development. The certificate will provide sustainable tourism curriculum with a specific emphasis on American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian tourism efforts offered both as a professional development option and a university credit option. The Center for Sustainable Tourism and its affiliated partners, faculty and students seek to examine the role and contribution of tourism in the social, cultural, environmental and economic well-being of communities. The Center’s research, education, and development activities focus on long-term, system-wide, sustainable strategies, and co-created solutions for community and tourism development.


   Kathleen Andereck, Arizona State University

   Coordinator for the Sustainable Tourism Certificate. The classes    she teaches include Introduction to Travel and Tourism, Program    Planning and Research Methods. Her research focuses on the    tourism experience from the perspective of both visitors and residents    particularly as it applies to sustainable tourism. She has done research work with a diversity of organizations and agencies at the federal and state level including Navajo Nation, National Park Service, Arizona Office of Tourism and the Arizona Department of Transportation as well as individual organizations and communities.



 Sherrie L. Bowman
Education Support Specialist

A tribal member from the Pueblo of Laguna, New Mexico, Sherrie comes to AIANTA with more than 30 years of experience in hospitality, tourism and meeting and event planning. Sherrie has an associate of applied science degree in hospitality & tourism, an associate degree in liberal arts. She has also earned her Professional Certificate in Cultural Heritage Tourism from the George Washington University School of Business. Sherrie is a proud mother of three children, Helen, Ryan and Jontel and is “Nana” to her four grandchildren, Dakota, Daisha, DeAndre and Cassius.